Powerful inspirational video

by Derek Potocki on 11/12/2012 · 4 comments

“You can go straight through hell with a smile”…

“And the world’s gonna know your name”… [read more to create an awesome life…]

How we think

by Derek Potocki on 10/04/2012 · 2 comments

I just did a meditation session and I made an observation. There are two kinds of thoughts that appear in our mind:

1. Random thoughts

The random thoughts just arise in our mind all the time. As far as I’m concerned random thoughts arise out of nowhere. For example try to stop thinking, right now! You can’t, because [read more to create an awesome life…]

Wanna be financially free? Sell better.

by Derek Potocki on 09/26/2012 · 2 comments

Most people are not financially free because they have failed to generate enough sales.

Why do mice have small balls?

Because they don’t sell enough tickets.

Most people don’t make enough sales to be financially free. [read more to create an awesome life…]