10 world’s most popular goals according to 43 things.com

1. lose weight 38815 people
2. stop procrastinating 28344 people
3. write a book 28095 people
4. Fall in love 25965 people
5. be happy 23370 people
6. Get a tattoo 21590 people
7. drink more water 20070 people
8. get married 20059 people
9. travel the world 19788 people
10. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination 19731 people
It’s a lot of fun to check out people’s goals to get inspired. Also notice that these are general ideas rather than real goals. Real goals would be more specific and have deadlines. Nevertheless, It’s fun to know what people are up to.
Act: Transform your ideas into goals. Unless you’re addicted to dreaming rather than doing.

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