What is the best use of my time?

Answer: Now… come up with your answer. Nobody will do it for you. You are on your own in this. Your answer will be generated exclusively by you. Just ask this question and answer internally or write it down. From now on ask this question often. To me this single question is a form of a positive obsession or passion. It is one of my favorite and most powerful questions that I use every day. It can literally reshape your life in matter of minutes or days.
Act: Now it is time to act. Action should occur naturally after you come up with clear answers to the above question. So-stop everything you’re doing right now. Redirect your life focus at this moment, do what’s the best use of your time right now and don’t let go until you fall asleep at night. This question if asked over and over again will keep you focused. You will waste your time no more. Focus.

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