2 Million vertical feet in a year

Have you ever heard about Greg Hill, a canadian skier and climber. If not, here is the scoop from Vanity Fair:

“Beginning last January (2010), Canadian ski mountaineer Greg Hill, 35, set out on an unprecedented mission: to climb and ski two million vertical feet within a calendar year. That’s equivalent to climbing out of the Grand Canyon eight times per day, to the top of the Empire State Building four times per day, or up and down Mount Everest three times a month. For a year. In avalanche terrain—with 15 to 40 pounds of gear in tow. Needless to say, Hill is the first to ever attempt this feat”.

He did it.

First, he trained.

“I did a million feet in the 2004-2005 season, and then a couple of years later, I did as many 10,000-foot days as possible. Last November, all of a sudden, I said, “January 1 is coming up, let’s make this happen.” Now it’s 11 months later, and I’ve almost done it”.

Now I’m not encouraging anybody to do something like this, unless you want to. What is interesting in this story is that the guy had planned everything out with mathematical precision.

He did the math.

“Basically, I’ll need to cover 9,000 to 10,000 feet a day until the end. In real-world terms, that’s like a marathon-plus per day. I’m mathematical, so I know that 5,480 feet is what I’ve needed to average every day for the year. Having kept that in mind, I’ve tried my best to at least get the weekly average of 38,500 feet, but I’ve been behind the whole time. I basically try to focus on the smaller goals, knowing that the bigger goal depends on them”.

He chunked up his big goals. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

He measured his progress:

“A Suunto altimeter watch. It’s quite an accurate little wrist computer”.

He is an individualist and a team player as well:

“In Chile, I didn’t go with any partners, so I did a lot of solo skiing. Around here, any time I’m pushing the limits, I tend to always have partners with me”.

Let’s sum it up:

1. Dream big

2. Prepare. Train.

3. Be mathematical. Eliminate risk. Increase odds of success.

4. Solo and with partners. You need both to really succeed.

5. Your goal should be an extension of your passion. Never, ever set random, un-passionate goals.

To be passionate about something is an incredible feeling. Always learn from the best. Always be inspired by the best. You will not be passionate about the same things as others, but once you know YOUR passion or passions, your world is never the same.

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Question: How do you find passion or passions in your life. Is it easy? Do you really need passion? Please comment below:)


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