How do I ask questions?

Answer: First of all. Have you ever been taught how to ask questions? Do you know the difference between an action-oriented question and a passive question. If you want to start reinventing yourself read on and analyze this. I will give you six random questions to look at:
1.How come this happened to me?
2.How to loose weight?
3.What is his favorite movie?
4.How have they done this?
5.How can I do this?
6.Why is this world so cruel?
If you watch closely you will see something interesting- a jewel, one question that is refreshing, strong,fascinating and life changing. Have you guessed  which one?
Question 5. Question 5 is an action-oriented question. It starts with “How Can I…”. The key is an “I” and “how”. I call this an “ihowQuestion“. So there you have it: fun stuff like iBook, iPhone, iPad and ihowQuestions. You are the coolest kid on the block now.
Act: Ask yourself ihowQuestions and watch how your life is being transformed… by YOU:)

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