Why do we need two laptops? (one is not enough.)

Answer: Recently I have realized something. For most of my life I have been invisible to myself. I have spent all my time watching the world around me, looking at TV shows, movies at movie theaters, concerts, watching my classmates at school, in college, my coworkers at work, my clients and customers, pages after pages of books and newspapers, art work in museums, the list goes on and on. And suddenly I had this thought. It’s like I have been living with a camera attached to my forehead recording everything I have seen. Since I’ve been so busy recording and collecting the world around me, in all of this I have not noticed myself much.
So I’ve had an idea. What if from now on I will start looking at myself. I will imagine an extra laptop always sitting next to my real laptop. My imaginary laptop (or iPad) is sitting on the right side of my real laptop right now. On that laptop I create the movies of myself acting in this world, talking to people, dancing, selling and doing everything that I consider remarkable. The difference between the two laptops is significant. The imaginary laptop is intended for watching myself act in the world, the way I want to act. It’s up to me-It’s up to my creativity and imagination. So carry two laptops with you wherever you go. And start watching yourself, not just watching but creating yourself. Don’t be invisible to yourself. Create yourself from scratch.
Act: You will soon see yourself do things in real world that you’ve already done on the monitor of your second laptop. You don’t believe me? Check it out.

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