How do I get things done faster?

Answer: It is simple. Use deadlines. You’ve likely been working for some kind of corporation or a smaller company. You might have not realized, but corporations use deadlines to get you to do things faster (so you can help them to get to THEIR goals faster, in return for following their deadlines they give you your salary).You have to do in your life what your company does “in their life” on daily basis. They use deadlines all the time. If YOU don’t follow their deadlines, you know what happens (You’re fired and your salary goes). Here is my point again: you absolutely have to use deadlines to get things done faster or have them done at all. At work you might perceive deadlines as your enemy. In your personal life don’t make this mistake. Start seeing deadlines as your friend, as source of power, as best kept secret, as a cool tool at your disposal. It’s a free tool. It only requires a pen and a piece of paper. If there is one thing  (aside from staying focused) that can revolutionize your life- It is setting deadlines, and they are a good thing.
Act: Set some deadlines. You’ll get there faster.

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