Why even in the poorest countries in the world there are some successful people who are not poor and miserable at all?

Answer: I have travelled to many countries and continents. When I was there I didn’t just look at  exotic animals, local architecture, culture etc. I also looked at something else. Here is what I have found in EVERY COUNTRY. There are always some people that somehow are more resourceful, intelligent, fulfilled, smarter, more focused etc. In even the poorest countries there were some successful people that would dwarf many of us in the US with the level of intelligence and achievement. Even while the US offers many advantages for peaceful pursuit of success and happiness there are many people here that struggle on daily basis. While there are many reasons for this situation, I believe there is one that is often overlooked. We are often blind. We are often blind to what is around us. We don’t see opportunities in front of our nose. We don’t see resources on our side of the fence. We don’t use what we have right now, at this very moment. We are blind.
Act: Wake up from your coma. It’s time to see what’s around you. It’s time to join those who see. Those who use what they have at this very moment. Look around you. Everything you will ever need is in front of your nose.

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