Is failure bad for me?

I’m not so sure about this. Is failure a bad thing?. Is it really? Many will make you believe that it’s bad to fail. You think that it’s the end of the world to fail. And we are so afraid to fail that we stay paralyzed facing the world rolling in front of us and waiting, waiting, waiting…
See, if you are afraid of failure and avoid it at all cost you will never, never-ever succeed. It’s impossible to succeed without failure. Failures are building blocks of success. Change your perception of failure now. Start seeing it as a necessary element of your journey to a better life.
Act: Do what you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done due to fear of failure. Fail and fail again. It’s a great paradox of life-that failure leads to success. Shake off every failure. Learn from it. Adjust your actions and move on. It’s time.

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