Is traveling a dangerous hobby?

Traveling can be a dangerous hobby. You sometimes end up in dangerous places: like a war zone, or a drug zone, or a gang zone etc. It might take a while to realize we are in a bad position.

But there is one place that can be even more dangerous than all of the above combined: your comfort zone. That is a place you don’t want to travel to. It’s the place where we start dying without realizing it. We think that everything is OK, because it feels cozy and comfortable, and there is no risk, no action, and a whole lot of fear.

So what is the opposite of comfort zone. Your discovery zone. This is the place where you want to be. It’s the place where you’re doing things for the first time ever. Where fear is replaced by excitement. Where you feel alive and focused. This is the place I want to travel to. What about you?

Act: Am I in my comfort zone? How do I get out of here? Where should I go now? What’s my next step? Follow up with action. Knowledge without action is called weakness.

4 Comments on Is traveling a dangerous hobby?

  1. I was just asking myself this morning (being in a completely different environment in Dublin) if I was too much in my comfort zone in my life in Nashville. :) Well, except for my recent tango infatuation, of course. Well said. -k

  2. O yeah. I'm smiling to myself. I hope tango is not just an infatuation but a full blown, uninhibited L O V E.

  3. Yes, dancing tango has taken me out of my comfort zone but that's also why I'm drawn to it. It's always exciting! One of my favorite quotes: "Do one thing every day that scares you." -Eleanor Roosevelt

  4. Well guys, what is boring and does not challenge, does not inspire infatuation anyway, or especially love. Love takes time to grow, Derek, I am definitely falling hard. Kells, I acted out a very scary task today – cleaned my boyfriend's kitchen! haha. He's sharing a house with 4 guys…so, you can imagine…Going to a live TANGO show today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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