Do we live in a static or a dynamic world?

Answer: What kind of world it is? A world where things stay the same, where people stay true to their present beliefs and interests? A world where there are no new products on the market and everything has been invented? A world where we have personality traits that never change, where zodiac signs and your own descriptions of yourself determine what you will do tomorrow?
Or maybe it’s a dynamic world. Where everything changes all the time. Where creativity rules. Where we adopt different philosophies and beliefs. Where we become different beings from minute to minute, day to day, or year to year. Where we can re-invent ourselves according to the choices we make, and surrender the status quo so consistently maintained by our need to be yourself even if it doesn’t make sense anymore.
Act: You can be who you want to be. Descriptions you give yourself are falling apart more and more with every post you read in this blog. You are a creator of yourself. Act differently.

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