To observe my life or to create my life?

Answer: A few years ago I did 21 days of Vipassana Buddhist meditation retreat in Thailand. The main technique of this type of meditation is watching the passage of your thoughts and other mind phenomena like feelings, body sensations etc. Observing is the key word here. I realize that this form of meditation can be a valuable tool to calm your mind and maybe even achieve nirvana. But meditation is only one of many tools available to us. Observing life has its merits but creating life is a totally different ball game. Being an observer can be a loosing proposition. Being a creator can add spice to our life. Moving from observing to creating is an act of courage. Adventure begins with creating.
Act: Transition from being an observer to being a creator. Use questions, visualizations, goals, deadlines etc to create remarkable life.

: I highly value Vipassana meditation and use it often the best I know how, but also see its limitations (which is of course, as everything in this blog, my opinion).

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