Is being multilingual an advantage?

Answer: OK, I hear people occasionally express their pride in being multilingual, and people who know only one language often admire the ability to speak 2, 3 or more languages. There are even some tests that show that multilingual kids do better at certain school tasks. So, multilingual skills are perceived by many as an asset. I fully support that belief, but not because I’m multilingual myself. I just see value in learning another language and I encourage you to do that. Guess what language I am talking about. It’s not English, nor French or German. Neither Spanish or Italian.
Ladies and gentlemen- we need to learn a completely different kind of language: THE LANGUAGE OF SUCCESS. I can assure you that successful people are passionate students of language of success. They choose their words carefully when they speak. They build their sentences in a powerful way. Their vocabulary might even sound strange and
unfamiliar to people who don’t speak this exclusive language.
Act: Choose your words wisely when you talk. They have the power to build you, destroy or keep you subservient for life. It’s a serious matter. Learn the language. Learn the code. Don’t stay weak with weak vocabulary.

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