What can I do when someone says “NO” to me?

Answer: To me that’s beautiful. That’s life. That’s the way it supposed to be. Now the game starts. The exhilaration and excitement of exploring all the possible NOs before getting a YES. The exploration of the world of NO. The adventure begins. Lord, grant me the privilege of playing the game of NO for a while. I don’t want YES right at this moment. I like my NOs. Because I grow. I learn. I act. And I love to grow and learn and act more than anything else. It’s my game. WORLD-play with me for a while, teach me, humble me. I respect every NO I get.
Act: Can you see the attitude here. You’ve been taught wrong lessons about getting a NO. Fall in love with NO. For the first time in your life. Embrace it and respect every NO you get, there are powerful lessons offered through NOs.

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