7 ways to avoid herd mentality

Definition (WIKIPEDIA):

Herd mentality describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors, follow trends, and/or buy items. Examples of the herd mentality include stock market trends, fashions in apparel, cars, taste in music, home decor, etc.

#1. Be creative

Number one on the list has to be creativity. We can not constantly look to others for ideas on how to run our lives. We have to use our imagination, not just eyes or ears, to come up with our own ways to live. Yes, get the ideas from others, but don’t copy them from A-Z. That’s boring.

#2. Have your own kick-ass goals

I couldn’t resist to throw this one as a number two. Goals give us direction in life and they powerfully affect choices we make daily. Goals are terrific way to avoid crowd mentality, because they will make you move in directions based on your own desires, decisions and ideas, not someone else’s.

#3. Be a master of choice

Everything starts with a choice. Become a “choiceologist”! Realize that you chose what your goals are, who your friends are, where you work, what the length of your hair should be, what you eat, how much you eat, whether to finish reading this post or check Facebook.

You make a choice to delay gratification to invest your money or blow it at the mall in one beautiful spring weekend. You make a choice to be drug free instead of having your body continuously filled with substances that don’t really support you.

You chose, what to think, what to say, and what to do. Chose wisely.

You chose how to spend every precious minute of this life? Doing what?

#4. Don’t be afraid to say NOOOO!

Sheep don’t ask questions when it’s time to turn. The herd walks in unison. Nobody questions anything. It’s just that everybody else is doing it so I will too.

Just because everybody else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to. Say no, and walk in opposite direction, test it and watch what happens.

#5. Don’t apologize for who you are or where you come from

Where you are from or who you are, are things that need to be embraced not hidden. You don’t have to be from somewhere else. The creative, successful types are powerful not because of where they are from, but because of where they are going.

#6. Don’t try to find yourself, create yourself instead

Yes, It’s great to discover what the world has to offer, but running around like a headless chicken trying to find yourself or discover your purpose can be exhausting. Create yourself instead. Decide what you are driven by, what is the most important to you, how do you want to spend your time? With the right questions this can be done in a weekend, not in twenty years.

#7. Succeed like crazy

Here is my favorite. Really stand out from the crowd. How? By succeeding like crazy. Leave your competition in the dust. This is the greatest challenge. Become a master of the heard.

Now you have a master mentality. The herd can do whatever the hell they want to. You do your thing.

♣ ♥ ♣

Getting rid of the herd mentality is a challenging process. Social pressure is undeniably strong and it is designed to suck you in it’s vortex of uncreative and uninspiring life. That’s a nature of being a part of a herd.

Don’t let that happen to you. Opt out and start paddling up the stream. Or step out of the stream altogether and start walking sideways.

Whatever you do, always ask?

How do I want to spend my time on this earth? Doing what?

One way to avoid herd mentality is to do your own thing. It is to set your own directions in life. Your own goals. Download my FREE, step by step, guide to unconventional life: Start Late, Achieve Your Goals Anyway, And Live Without Regrets.

Till next time.


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  1. Hi Derek,

    I love the premise of your post since I have always believed that drumming to your own beat is the only way to have a truly fulfilling life experience. Particularly like #1 (be creative) and #4(Don’t be afraid to say no). Creativity is your connection to source and inspiration. Saying no liberates you to be able to say yes to what actually matters most to you. I would add one more to your list

    #8 Detach yourself from your outcomes. Success in life is pretty subjective externally and as much as we like to accomplish what we set out to do, the true mark of a non heard folk is his/her ability to do things because they are meant to be done or lived without concerning too much for the degree of success they may or may not generate.

    Happy to see you’ve posted something today and happy to be part of your tribe.

    Bernardo recently posted..Be of Service 60-Second VideoMy Profile

    • Hi Bernardo,
      Thank you for taking your time to write your comment. I think you are right on the detachment from your outcome. But also have you noticed that detaching yourself from something doesn’t eliminate that something. The outcome still exists, but you are not attached to it. It’s a paradox and also one of the ideals I strive to achieve.
      Thank you for the number 8. It’s fantastic!
      I love your videos. Right on.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..7 ways to avoid herd mentalityMy Profile

  2. Hi Derek, I found this post incredibly powerful and not a moment to late. I love all of them but 3,4,5,6 where particularly poignant for me. Yes, all of those. Being able to say no, or set your boundaries when you have said yes. Sometimes that’s so hard to do, we don’t want to affect people opinions of us.

    Be a choiceologist..wicked. I absolutely love this phrase and concept. So much of our life is wasted because we don’t appreciate how totally in charge we are; about pretty much everything. Anyway, before I go on and on. I just wanted to say, that I thought this was pretty inspiring and incredibly well written, and I’m chuffed that you have joined Triberr. I can see you are going to be making some excellent contributions.

    • Hi Stacey,
      Thank you for your comment. Whoa, you really know how to make someone feel good. Thank you again.
      I made that choiceologist word inspired by Tyler Tervooren’s blog on riskology. It’s fun to play with words, creative, great stuff.
      I’ve just realized that both of us wear hats. How about hat-ology.com for a niche website selling hats?
      We are in charge, more than we want to admit:)
      Rock on, Stacie:)
      Derek Potocki recently posted..7 ways to avoid herd mentalityMy Profile

  3. Ah, Ms Stacey………she’s got it goin’ on. I’m stopping by here because she was here so I knew it was happenin’…..and not in a ‘herd’ kind of way. In fact, I thought the post was on ‘nerd’ mentality………..:)

    Sometimes you are out on an island when you don’t follow the herd mentality, but when it’s all said and done you are usually respected more for it.

    Thanks for sharing, and nice lid………..:)
    Bill Dorman recently posted..Fork in the roadMy Profile

  4. Hi Derek!

    How is my favorite jogging blogger????

    This is a powerful post Derek. You share some empowering gems. I love “Say no”. Not so easily done… but unless you give yourself permission to say “No”, you’ll never start. And with practice is gets easier. Sure you’ll bump heads when you turn around and go the other direction, but pretty soon you’ll clear the herd altogether.

    I also love, love, love CREATE yourself. I talk about this all the time. I agree, if you try to find yourself it might take twenty years. It might take your entire lifetime!

    This past January I did a fun exercise with one of my mastermind groups. We shared our goals with other (that’s not unusual) but we did it with a twist. We also wrote down how we wanted to be as we achieved those goals.

    You ask, “How do I want to spend my time on this earth? Doing what?” I’ll second that. It really is about how we are spending our time and on what. Goals are great but you’ve got to love the process. Away from the herd. Awesome post.

    Theresa Bradley-Banta recently posted..You Can Be Anything You WantMy Profile

  5. Wow-Wee!

    Right off the cuff and straight from the heart! Very refreshing post, Derek, and thank you.

    Goals are a prime time opportunity to s-t-r-e-t-c-h myself. Anybody is capable of just plodding along and going through the motions. But the older I get, the more I realize “status quo” just ain’t cuttin’ the mustard.

    It’s been said before, but having a purpose in life and following your passion/s is what it’s all about. Money? Notoriety? Prestige? Those are all great but guess what? You can’t take any of that with you when you go.

    But you can leave a legacy. :)

    Outstanding post!
    Melanie Kissell @SoloMompreneur recently posted..Limit Email To 140 CharactersMy Profile

    • Hi Melanie,
      Outstanding comment. I like how you said that: Goals are a prime opportunity to stretch myself. Anybody is capable of just plodding along and going through the motions”.
      I totally agree. I have also noticed that majority of people live for the moment, or have only minor objectives. The paradox of easy is that easy becomes difficult in the long run.
      Thank you for your comment.

  6. ”Really stand out from the crowd. ”
    Feeling the need to compare yourself to others to begin just reeks herd mentality. Just do what you like, independent on how much or little it’ll make you stand out from others.

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