Bitch about it or do something about it

Beautiful saturday in Nashville Tennessee. I’m jogging and I’m under influence of…endorphins. When endorphins kick in, they always stimulate my thinking like nothing else.

Here are some thoughts I had while jogging.

There is a gap between where we are and where we want to be. Let’s call it a gap between two points. Point A and point B. Point A is where we are. Point B is where we want to be. Point B is an idea in our mind. It is our imagination of being in a different place, doing different things than what we are doing at the moment.

Once we realize that there is a gap between A and B funny things happen to people.

At this point we have 3 choices.

Choice NO1: Killing our dream

We kill our dream. We exterminate Point B from our mind. We blow up Point B with a mental dynamite. We cut Point B with mental shredder so we can not see it anymore. We start adopting little lies like: Be happy with what you have. Be grateful. Present moment is all that matters. Sunsets, rainbows and little things are all we need. And we become masters of present moment happiness. We read present moment books. Burn present moment candles from Bath & Body Works, read little present moment Zen books and do a little present moment meditation or lot’s of present moment drinking. The dream is dead. Long live present moment.

Choice NO2: Bitching and blaming

Or we are fully aware that point B exists and we kind of like to think about it. We think about our idea of how life could be, often. It becomes our obsession. Thinking about point B is what we do. Quickly we become bitter and disillusioned, because we realize that it is just a dream. It is just an idea. We will never experience it, because ideas are for dreaming not doing. We will weep into our pillows at the end of the day, unable and defeated, watching our idea in our mind. And we will notice, that the gap between point A and point B is still there. In fact it is even bigger now because now we have the proof of our inability to act.

And there is something else that happens. We begin to see the reasons for our inaction. We realize that we are in a wrong neighborhood, wrong country, wrong profession. We realize we have wrong friends, not enough talents, not enough brains. The list goes on and on and it never ends. The list of our imaginary limitations is getting longer and longer. And we become masters of limitations living the life of quiet desperation and become experts in minor things.

Choice NO3: Going for it

We notice an interesting thing. We notice that some people somehow are always able to close the gap and move from point A to point B. We become curious about it. We ask: How did they do it. Can I do something like that as well. How? Is it easy to get to point B? No. Am I willing to pay the price? What should I do to get to point B? In what sequence? Is timing important? How long will it take? Am I willing to put in that time? What should I learn to get there? Who knows the answers? How can I find the answers? What can I do now to start moving to point B? How, when, where, who, with whom, how often, how many times?

What choice will you make?

If you like my post, comment below. I love reading and responding to comments. Negative or positive: I take it all. I love the spirit of a good debate.

8 Comments on Bitch about it or do something about it

  1. Derek, aloha. So glad I found your blog as a result of a tweet. Love your post–probably because we are in complete agreement so i recognize your brilliance.

    As you say, our lives are all about the Choices we make. The good news/bad news is we are 100% responsible for what happens in our lives.

    Like you, Derek, to me it is satisfying, challenging, stimulating and rewarding to know that my life is a result of my choices. WooHoo! We get to choose the life we want. Until next time, aloha. Janet
    Janet @ The Natural Networker recently posted..What Will My Friends Say by Robert T KiyosakiMy Profile

  2. Hey Janet!
    Thanks for stopping by. When you mentioned the word “Choices”, It brought a fun memory to me. Back in June 2010 I started this blog. My VERY first post was about… Choices. In fact the realization that we always have a choice was a direct reason for starting this blog.
    Realizing that we can create our life simply by making different choices is probably the most powerful understanding we can ever develop.
    Thanks again for reminding me this simple yet most powerful “secret”of ages. CHOICES.
    Till next time:)

  3. Hi Derek –
    Your post dovetails perfectly with one I posted today. We are sure thinking about the same thing. I love how you pointed out that, “We start adopting little lies like: Be happy with what you have.” Wow. Really? I don’t think so. Not if you want to achieve your goals. I choose action over inaction every day. Literally.

    Lao Tzu said it beautifully, “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

    Glad you embrace the spirit of debate, that’s very cool – but I can’t debate you on this post. You are right on.

    Theresa Bradley-Banta recently posted..A Shift in ThinkingMy Profile

  4. I’m with you and Janet – it’s all about choices! Thankfully I discovered this about a year and a half ago. (Up until then I spent a lot of time in victim thinking and feeling helpless. Ouch!) But once I discovered my power to choose…wow! My whole life turned around and it’s been amazing ever since. Grateful grateful grateful.
    Mona Grayson recently posted..Juicing Recipe: Cucumber Celery Duet JuiceMy Profile

  5. Oh, I love how you describe the choices. You’ve laid it out so simply and clearly and in a way that emphasizes the fact that we always choose. We choose how we respond in every situation. I find that numbers 1 and 2 are often due to allowing fear to win. We either kill point B or pretend it doesn’t exist or we live in victim land and bitch and complain about our current point A circumstances as well as our inability to reach point B. With number 3, even if there’s fear, we choose to act anyway. Excellent post, Derek.
    Leanne Chesser recently posted..How to Improve Your Self EsteemMy Profile

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