Hi, I’m Derek Potocki

Firstly, my current 3 goals (set on 2/8/13):

1. I add $2000/month in passive income by 12/31/2013

2. Coming

3. I do yoga at least 3/wk x 30-60 min: ongoing

After many years of aimlessness, I’ve come to conclusion that I can experience my life on a different level through Goal setting/Goal achieving Lifestyle. Since nothing is handed over to us on a silver platter, I’ve decided to create my experiences rather than wait for things to happen.

If you are wondering what I am doing at the moment you are reading this, you guessed it: I am somewhere in the world working on one of my five goals you see above. It’s really that simple to me. Work on your goals and forget the rest of the world. That’s how great people of this world operate. They just do their thing.

Note: When you set specific goals you don’t limit yourself, you actually expand your world ( It is one of the greatest paradoxes of life ). And there are interesting detours as well.

This blog is dedicated to YOU, my reader, and the POWER you have in yourself. The undeniable POWER to create your own experience and live your own Dream Life. I don’t wait for things to happen anymore. I go and make them happen. It is possible to create your life…even when you are starting late.

This blog is your tool.

Use it to create your own experience. The fastest way to start your uncommon life Journey is to download my amazing, free book here, to quickly get out of your comfort zones and start living your DREAM LIFE.

It’s about time to kick ass and live without regrets.

Yours truly,

2 Comments on Hi, I’m Derek Potocki

  1. Hi Goalsblogger,

    It is very nice to see your video on the beach and seeing you so happy and excited.I am not sure if you remember me but I use to post my thoughts on Stephen Covey community web site.
    I like your 5 goals and I wish you luck and willpower,so that you succeed in achieving them. Since last 2 years my life also changed allot and I forced my self out of some terrible situations in my life ..I must say you have contributed in my success too in some ways which are unexplainable.
    I thank you for contributing in my life too.


  2. Hi Imran,
    Thanks man. I remember having met you at Covey’s site. I haven’t been there a while, doing my own things ya know:)
    I’m happy to hear that you have blasted out some obstacles in your life and thank you for your kind words about my impact.
    I’m at crossroads myself trying to go to the next level in my life. I don’t know exactly how yet, but I study all the time. I will find out. We always need purpose, otherwise we self-destroy.
    Cheers mate,
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