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Hey, greetings. Hope you’re having a great day (or night). Watch the video to the end to see my special guest. You’re gonna love her.

I’m still in Buenos Aires, and I have just finished my jogging session and want to share my update with you. And, you will meet a special guest at the end of video:).

First of all I want to share an exciting news with you. I have achieved one of my goals: I have finished my e-book: Start Late, Achieve Your Goals Anyway (and live without regrets)! It took my 6 months of continuous focus and now it’s ready as a free download on your right. I truly believe, that the book can change your life if you apply it’s lessons.

It is step by step guide where you will learn:

  • Why behind goal setting process
  • How to become unstoppable through the power of focus
  • How to take control of your own experience
  • How to stop waiting and start making things happen
  • How to control your health
  • How to create your financial destiny
  • How to live extraordinary life without regrets

The e-book is beautifully designed, formatted and has some of the best motivational images I could find. Read it and apply its powerful lessons. I go more in-depth on specific how to of goal setting and creating your life from scratch.

Inside of the e-book, there are links to specific videos from experts, that further increase your learning. So it’s truly a multimedia e-book.

Everything else can fail you, but setting goals is always new and refreshing!

Success is goals, everything else is commentary.

Now I have to open spots in my list of goals (on your left). I want to take time to think and set the right goals for me, so I don’t climb a ladder leaning against the wrong wall. Goal setting process should take me several weeks.

One big misconception about goal setting is that you won’t enjoy your goal, once you achieve it. That is not true. I am very happy, that I wrote my book and proud as well. Yeah! So success is not just journey, it is a destination as well!

Second big myth is that, if you are goal oriented you will somehow stop enjoying your present moments. My experience is the opposite. It’s easier to enjoy my present moment when I have something incredible to look forward to, and something meaningful to work on.

How did you like my special guest at the end of video?

Get my e-book on your right and share your comments below.

Love. Stay focused on your goals!


PS: Since I made this video, I’ve set another goal: To sail on Pacific for 3 mts from Dec 2011-Feb 2012.

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