Any wind is OK if you don’t care where you are sailing.

If you don’t have goals which provide direction, pretty much anything that happens to you is OK. Any people you meet, will be the right people, any activities will be great. Any place you live will be fine and any behaviour you create will be acceptable. Every party will be all right to go to. Any partner will be a great partner. Anything you say will be within normal limits. Anything you do will be OK. You will have a “great life” where anything goes and choices are based on temporary need for pleasure rather than on your goals.
But with having goals the game is different. You will only go to certain parties, only associate with selected people, say carefully decided words and phrases, and do only carefully selected actions based on your goals not on your need for short term pleasure.
Act: Train yourself to be choosy, selective and passionately focused on your goals. That is the the way of

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  1. Nice!!! We have a sign in our nautical-theme bathroom that says, "You cannot change the wind but you can adjust your sails."

  2. Thank you Davis for your comment. This is my all time favorite quote. Check blog on passive income info.

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