Are You A Puppet?

I’m sorry if I offended anyone by implying that you might be a puppet, but my observation really pushed me to make that kind of claim.

Let me explain.

Many years ago I become an adult. I believe I became and adult when I stopped being a kid, which is when I started thinking little harder (probably in my thirties rather than my twenties:)

Since that day I have noticed what kind of world I live in. I am a very curious guy and I just can’t stop wandering about things. One little thing in particular. It has caught my attention and has kept my mind mystified ever since.

So, what is this mysterious subject I’m talking about? What is this thing that has been in the back of my mind for over 20 years now?

OK, I won’t keep the suspension any longer.

This one observation, that I’ve made ( that gives me goose bumps every time I think about it) Is simply this:

Majority of human beings have always described and continue describing the world as if they are puppets, attached to puppet masters.

Looooong pause…

Let me explain it a bit.

Since I was born, until today I’ve been repeatedly hearing people say stuff like this:

  • The devil made me do it
  • God wanted this or that
  • He makes me feel this way
  • She made me go there
  • This country makes me poor
  • That country makes people rich
  • This job makes me happy
  • That MF gets on my nerves
  • My past made me do it
  • My spouse stopped me from doing this
  • He stopped me
  • He made me
  • She caused me to go there
  • They caused me to quit
  • This job makes me sick
  • That jerk pisses me off
  • My mother said this, and that caused me to do this
  • My boss makes me want to quit
  • The Internet makes me distracted
  • Facebook makes me addicted
  • Weed makes me want a toke
  • Marketers made me buy it
  • TV transformed me in a couch potato
  • My president makes me wanna puke
  • My prime minister makes this country (including me) go down the drain
  • He made me cry
  • She made me cry
  • He transformed my life
  • She ruined my life
  • You did it to me
  • They destroyed my chances
  • He made me kill
  • Alcohol made me snap
  • My genes made me do it
  • My upbringing made me not do it
  • He made me believe
  • She made me disbelieve
  • My past is not allowing me to…
  • My past pushes me to…

OK, I’m a bit tired. Aren’t you? So I quit for now.

But don’t get excited just yet. Let me tell you a little secret. Are you ready?

…I’m whispering: You will hear this or similar stuff to the end of your days. So brace yourself for a long ride.

But don’t worry. You read Goalsblogger. You are in luck. Here is a little gift, from me, to you.





20 Comments on Are You A Puppet?

    • Hi Daniel,
      Thank you for your comment. The thing is that we are all connected by invisible strings. Even now we are connected by your visit and my replay, and my thoughts about you, your blog, your great sales book.
      The point is to deal with people on even ground, not like masters and puppets.
      Nobody is better than anybody else!
      We should trade, not manipulate.
      Thank you again Daniel,
      Hope all is good with your transition to your own business:)
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Are You A Puppet?My Profile

  1. Hi Derek.

    My partner and I were only talking about this at the weekend! I also have a forthcoming post about this very subject!

    We have both studied and practice NLP and other techniques in our daily lives and businesses.
    What you describe here seems to play to the “It’s not my fault” game that people often learn as children, and very often do not fully shake off in adult life. It can be a nice easy way of letting ourselves off the hook in the short-term, and which conveniently directs the ‘blame’ energy somewhere else – anywhere but at ourselves.

    From a personal development point of view, these statements are so limiting – they ensure that we , stay exactly where we are, in that comfortable “not my fault” place. The statements narrow our choices in life and limit our freedom. We program ourselves to stay exactly where we are!

    Worse still, when we use language like this – either to other people, or as part of our own internal dialogue, we give away our personal power to this other person/thing/situation.

    This is the point at which we need to take responsibility for our own situation. By doing this, we take back our power – the power to start making CHANGE in our lives, our relationships, our health and our careers.

    Blaming external factors causes negative feelings within us – such as anger, hate and resentment. These strong emotions merely serve to reinforce the negative statements that we have made – amplifying and justifying our position even further. Ensuring that we stay stuck exactly where we are – never changing, never moving on.

    So – change that self-talk, and Unleash Your Tiger!
    Dean Carlton recently posted..People, oiling the machine of your Customer-Centric World (Part 2 of 6)My Profile

    • Hi Dino,
      Thank you. You just wrote a terrific commentary to my post. I’m a man of few words. But you just explained this concept brilliantly and more in depth.
      Hey people. If you actually want to understand my post better, read Dino’s comment. He adds to my post some serious fire power.
      And I endorse it with all my lively heart!
      Thank you again Dino
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Are You A Puppet?My Profile

  2. Hi again Derek.

    Wow! You are so generous to say that – thanks!

    Another thought occurs to me that I should have picked up on in my previous comment:

    What this means is that we are our OWN puppet-masters, and we are pulling our OWN strings when we use those words!

    So – go ahead: pull the strings to pick up those scissors, and cut yourself off from your own limiting behaviours. Set yourself free!!

    Or, as Derek says: you are in for a looooong ride…….
    Dean Carlton recently posted..Still focussing on your products? You’re doomed to extinctionMy Profile

    • Hi Dino,
      Yes, that’s actually a great metaphor. A giant hand pulling our strings, except the giant hand is fully controlled by us. We ARE THE MASTERS!
      Thank you again for your valuable input. Great stuff!
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Are You A Puppet?My Profile

  3. Two thumbs up on this one, Derek!

    It’s just too darn easy to lay the blame on someone else for every rotten thing that happens in our lives in lieu of being accountable for our situations or circumstances.

    You started your list with a GOOD one — “The devil made me do it”. Personally, I haven’t met the devil, have you? And I’m hoping I don’t bump into him anytime soon. :)

    My biggest takeaway from your post is to “own up” or shut up!

    You rock,
    Melanie Kissell @SoloMompreneur recently posted..Looking At Life Through Blog-Colored GlassesMy Profile

  4. You kill me Derek…never backwards about coming forwards, you nail it, and you write incredibly well. I think I have told you that more than a few times. At the end of the day, if you consider your yourself “grown”, then there comes a day when you have to step up and take responsibility for your life. Good, bad, and indifferent. It’s a painful process, but an incredibly powerful and liberating one. Big up, for bringing this matter to the table. Love it
    Stacey Herbert (@mylifestylemax) recently posted..Integrity Series pt2:How Big Is The Integrity Gap In Your Life?My Profile

    • Hi Stacey,
      Thank you. I’ve noticed that your comment came from the internet server really located in Bali. So you weren’t kidding;) You are there!
      As for your response, yes the process can be painful for sure, but growing up is the only viable option to me. And it’s fun to create your own life without waiting for Godot!
      Rock on. Did I tell you I’m a bit jealous about your server location;)
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Creating vs beingMy Profile

  5. No offense taken Derek.

    Before I go on, whoa!, you have a new look! I love it! Your FB fan page isn’t too shabby either:) Nice branding. Very clean look. (Are you using a skin for your Thesis theme? Or, are you just amazingly talented? Wait… I already know you are!)

    Your list is incredible. (Weed makes me want a toke?!*&?). The biggest stand out for me is that no one, absolutely no one, can make you do anything (short of a gun to your head, and even then…). You’ve landed smack on one of my biggest pet peeves. Ever.

    One other thing. You’re one of the biggest kids I know. And THAT my friend is a compliment.

    Theresa Bradley-Banta recently posted..What Would You Be Doing Right Now if You Had a Coach?My Profile

    • Hi Theresa,
      I’m glad you are not offended. I wasn’t really speaking about you for weed sakes:)
      I don’t wish anybody to have a gun to their head, that would totally mess up my post!
      Yeah, that’s a biggie to me, I’m almost obsessed about the “who controls what issue”, control freak??
      Thank you so much. The only skin I used to make this site is my own fingertip skin. And I’m glad you’ve noticed. You just notice things, don’t you? You were born this way?
      OK, I am a kid, cat is out of the bag.
      Btw: What’s your cat’s name? Have I missed an update on this one?
      Always a pleasure to interact with you. Always.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Do this one thing and you’ll have a sucky life-guaranteed.My Profile

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
      Somehow the strings get attached all the time. It’s a process. Imaginary scissors are a must tool to carry around, if we want to be effective and take over the world:)
      Your writing is very good. Love it. And positive messages as well.
      See you around,
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Creating vs beingMy Profile

  6. Hey Derek,

    I totally agree with what you state. The reactions are just out of habitual learning from childhood of saving yourself from consequences of trouble. As we grow up, we need a punching bag; as kids we blamed it on our siblings, when we grow up we blame it on a third element; and who better than the devil! Because no one is confronting him, right?

    Also, putting the blame of uncontrollable factors makes it easier to soothe the pain; the pain of failure, the pain of not having being more action-oriented; the pain of embarrassment, of guilt!

    I might be guilty at times of using these excuses, but who said I am perfect! ;) At least I am trying!
    Hajra recently posted..WHERE ARE YOU FROM?My Profile

    • Hi Hajra,
      Thank you for your visit.
      Don’t be too hard on yourself. This language is so common, almost human nature I’d say.
      But just because it’s such a popular way to think doesn’t make it right. Mediocrity is popular as well. Average is very popular.
      I’m guilty of blaming and handing my power over to “externals” as well.
      The truth is. We can always spend more time in the space between
      stimulus and response.
      Nobody is perfect.
      We are just trying to live the best life we can.
      Cheers Hajra, the world is yours. Just take it;)
      We’ve got to be free of crap to realize your full potential.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..Creating vs beingMy Profile

  7. Wow! I really needed to see that long list of examples, Derek! I didn’t realize how often I speak and hear those phrases — it’s kind of scary how puppet-fied I let myself be. =S

    You know, this ties in really well with my post on health and your comment about how I create my happiness. I don’t want to be the one saying: “The bacteria and parasites made me do it!” =P

    P.S. Love the sleek and shiny new blog design! =)
    Samantha Bangayan recently posted..The “Vancouver Effect” v. Huancayo: What Justifies Violence?My Profile

    • Hey Sam,
      We’ve been conditioned to speak like this. Humanity loves to abdicate responsibility to anything external, but themselves. This kind of language and thinking literally strips us from all power we have.
      It’s a language of weakness and small people.
      One way to take control is to mentally cut all those imaginary strings, so you can feel free to do anything. And I mean anything.
      Greetings all the way to Peru. I know you love your life there. I hope you won’t have to move any time soon. But take care of your health. This is a must. Thank you for your visit and a wonderful comment and a compliment on my blog;)
      Derek Potocki recently posted..If you don’t have perseverance, you are a slave to those who doMy Profile

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