Ask: So where do I start my journey to a focused life?

Answer: I create (that word again:) THE LIST. The list of goals. Anywhere from 1 to 10 perhaps to start with. Goals with deadlines of course. Then I add some affirmations to the list. Affirmations will not have deadlines. Voila. Then you put your list by your bedside. So THE LIST is a mix of goals with deadlines and affirmations without deadlines. Sample goals:
-I weigh 150 lbs with body fat…% by Feb 20th 2011.
-I have $10,000/month clear after all expenses are paid by September 15th 2014.
Sample affirmations:
I love life. I respect people. People are crazy… about me, etc
Act: It’s your LIST. Put there anything you want, and whatever agrees with your values. Start constructing your LIST now and keep it by your bedside. Take as long as you want to do that.
PS: Throughout your life you’ve been taught hundreds of “magic techniques” on how to succeed in life. I can tell you, many of them are probably very powerful, but they don’t matter and are pretty useless unless you have… direction and focus. In one of next posts I will tell you what to do with that list.

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