Ask: What do I do with THE LIST? (continuation of the prior post)

Answer: In the prior post we started creating your list of goals with deadlines and affirmations without deadlines. The list does not have to be complete at this point, you can still be working on it. Now, you put that list by your bedside and read though it right before you fall asleep and first thing in the morning. After you read each goal or affirmation, visualize (imagine) what you’ve just red. For many this is one of the most difficult things to do so you need to practice. It will get better with repetition. Visualization simply means closing your eyes and creating a visual representation (image) of a goal or affirmation.
Act: Start reading your list first thing in am and last thing in pm. Visualize every goal and affirmation. Finish and fall asleep or get out of bed respectively. This is how you build your new life from scratch. This is what makes things happen. If it sounds strange, that’s ok, because it is strange. If you do this consistently for few days, weeks or years you will become a new person. And you will achieve things that have not been possible prior to using THE LIST.

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