What kind of goals categories are there?

Personal goals can be divided into categories. Goals categories serve as a tool for creating balanced life. There are different categories depending on the source of information. I will list here a few most important goals categories:

Most common list of categories or types of goals are:

– Spiritual goals
– Financial goals
– Health goals
– Relationships/family goals
– Artistic goals
– Public service goals
– Career goals
– Attitude goals
– Pleasure goals

Another way to see goals categories is by Steven Covey. He puts strong emphasis on having a goal in each of the 4 areas. He believes that every human consists of these 4 elements and we need to have a goal in each area to live a balanced life.

– Mind goals (knowledge, learning)

– Body goals (health and fitness)

– Spirit goals (sharing and contribution)

– Heart goals (relationships)

Tim Ferris divides goals into 3 categories:

– having goals

– doing goals

– being goals (they are converted into doing goals, so basically there are 2 final categories: having goals and being goals).

My take is this:

1. Health/Fitness goal is a must because the “biggest wealth is health”.

2. Income/financial goal is a must. Unless you want to beg on the streets for money or live with your mother forever, you have to have an income goal.

Other goals are up to you, since they depend on your philosophy and values.

I have 5 goals at a time. Goals create focused action. A few goals create even more focused action. This is important especially when you’re starting late on your Journey.

Here is your action: When you set your goals make sure to include goals in several different categories to create more balance. Slightly unbalanced life may be OK  as long as you are fully aware that your passion in one area completely dwarfs the other areas an you’re happy with it (slight unbalance is OK: this is purely my own experience and opinion).

Don’t wait any longer. Start creating YOUR LIST OF GOALS now.

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