Be your own guru

Buddha said, don’t believe anything and anybody, even me (paraphrase).

We live in a world of experts and gurus. Everybody thinks they know something. Everybody thinks they are right. Everybody wants to have followers.

We have to go deep inside.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not good at being a follower. I have this thing in my mind, that goes like: Oh, this is popular, then it’s not that interesting anymore. Mainstream, template, worn-out ideas.

Traveling for the sake of traveling. Making money for the sake of money. Working to buy a mercedes. Reading a bestseller, because it sells so well.


What an uninspiring way to live your life.

I am guilty too.

I know, I’m guilty of that too. It’s almost unavoidable, especially if you are online and read blogs, ha,ha. We are influenced by our environment and that’s ok. No man is an island.

But let’s get influenced thoughtfully, selectively.

The truth is, we have to go deep inside ourselves and follow our own path, no matter how stupid it looks to the outside world.

We have to question every single guru out there, including me.

We have to create our own life.

We have to be our own gurus.

That requires, well…thinking independently.

Sharing and learning, yes. Copying all the time: HELL NO.

I am a guru. Will you follow me? Ha, ha,ha…

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