Beached In The Philippines

Hi Everybody! I haven’t updated my blog a whole lot over the last few months for one simple reason. There is time and place for everything and these days I spend more time living my goals rather than talking about goals.

This blog has more information on setting and achieving goals than any other blog in the world.

I’m at the point of my life where I enjoy achieving and living my goals more than talking about them.

In fact the title of my blog can be misleading. Goals-blogger. I would be a hypocrite, if I blog about my goals, but I don’t live them.

I see that online and in real life a lot. Lot’s of talk and always waiting for something, dreaming, planning.

So my question is: When are we going to live our dreams? When?

My time is now.

How about yours.

If you haven’t read my book that sums up my philosophy of living your dreams instead of only living in your head, get it in the right upper corner of my blog. It’s free. But watch out. You might become a changed person if you read it. The book is dangerous to your current comfort zones.

BTW: I’m a bit scared to sail on an open ocean. But It’s always like that. We fear the unknown.

Let it be.


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  1. wow that could be really nice, you are at a wonderful place! i would like to live my dream, too.My dream is: backpacking in through south-america! My hubby calls me crazy about it but i know i will have done it one day!
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