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Don't wait for things to happen. Make them happen!

Hey. How is your life? Who is in control? Does life control you? Do things happen to you or you make things happen?

Yesterday I returned from Buenos Aires back to the United States. I stayed in Buenos Aires for two months spending most of my time learning Argentine tango. Few minutes ago I told my friend in the States about my adventure, and he goes: “Whoa, this is the life I want to live.” I get that a lot recently.

And the thing is, he could do crazy stuff like that too, but somehow he doesn’t.

Few months ago at a party I told a guy, I’ve just met, that I work hard, then travel hard, that I invest and take risks. He was pretty much at awe, and he said “I wish I could do that, I have this job, that pays well, and I’m afraid to lose it, so I have to stay at the job while I have it, what you do, is unheard of”.

Then some other time: She:” You’re on vacation?” Me: “Kind of”. She:”How long?” Me:”3 months”. “What? That’s unheard of”.

Or “You have nice goals, dancing, sailing… Don’t you have any financial goals?”.

Those kind of exchanges go on quite often.

Sometimes I even feel a bit guilty about the way I live, or think, that I might be doing something illegal.

But  deep down I think I’m alright. I come back to my tried and tested method of setting goals and achieving them. One by one. As long as I follow my goals and my ideas instead of living my life in a constant state of fear of losing my job I will be OK.

All I need is to focus on my goals and the world will continue to shine on me:).


Little update on my ever challenging goals (on the left):

My argentine tango goal with 1/20/2011 deadline become reality 2 days ago. The goal was set about 5 months ago. Specifically, I didn’t get to the level of dance of Sebastian Arce (that’s how the goal was formulated) but I significantly improved my technique and I have a much higher level of understanding of Argentine tango. Not to mention that I got to live and experience Argentine tango in Buenos Aires. That alone is a priceless memory. Overall I am 100% happy about my tango goal and it is going to my List of Achieved Goals found on top of my blog.

Stay focused. Live without regrets. Have a list. Get my free ebook to learn how to set goals and live without regrets.


PS: As always, I have a question to YOU. What are some obstacles that stop you from doing exciting things? Can you think of some solutions that would make you break through the GREAT WALL of HABITUAL THINKING?

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  1. Great post Derek. It sounds like the people that you run into are much like the ones I do – stuck in a singular way of thinking concerning how to be successful. Good luck to them.

    As for what holds me back – only myself. The cliche of “where there’s a will there’s a way” is very true, even if that way doesn’t seem immediately apparent.

    If you don’t know something – look it up and learn how. If you need to talk to a specific person, network your way there. If you want to make a certain amount of money, start working your ass off trying myriad things, continuing with what’s good and dumping the rest.

    We are really the only limitation for ourselves.

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    Yes Robert, but have you noticed how our minds often look for limitations and obstacles, seeing the negatives is almost our nature. And yet there are always a few people that have the ideas, the ability to act, and all the fun.
    This is the most exciting news to me. All I have to do is to be careful who to follow and who to learn from. So, God, please help me to learn only from the best and forget the rest.
    It all comes down to one thing: Who do you learn from?
    Btw: I just learned tango from the best in the world. How is that for making good choices?

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