Code is poetry

Look at the screenshot on the left. This is how a web page looks like before a web browser reads it.

In fact, go to View on top of your browser and click on View Source. You will see the page you are looking at before a browser made it pretty.

Every web page on the Internet, has been coded by somebody for your viewing pleasure.

Sloppy coders

If you see bad looking web pages, it is because the code underneath is bad.

Skilled coders will create great looking pages that make sense. Sloppy coders will create bad looking pages.

That’s life.

Skill is the name of the game.

Getting skills takes time. Applies to coding or anything else. Sweat and and time my friends.

The point of this?

Never expect something for nothing in life. Don’t expect a beautiful web page with bad code underneath.

The real name of this post should be:

Code is poetry…sometimes:)

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