Don’t drop your goal half way

Half way Voyage

Look at the map on the right. This is a half of the real map only. This is how Columbus route would look like if he changed his mind and turned back in the middle of Atlantic Ocean in 1492.

Now look at the map below:

This is a complete route Columbus took on his trip to the New World.

He actually sailed until he reached a land. He continued sailing despite of the fact he didn’t know exactly what to expect.

He kept sailing despite many of his crew were scared  that the ship might fall of the edge of the earth (many of them believed the earth is flat). Nobody had ever done anything like that. Columbus kept going.

When he returned to Europe he brought back many things that Europeans had never seen before. Pineapples, corn, sweet potatoes, and tobacco were exotic items to Europeans. He didn’t stop in the middle of Atlantic, because he just felt like it.

Half way Cathedral

Couple hundred years before Columbus sailed to America, French builders finished Notre Dame Cathedral.

This is how the Cathedral would look like if the builders decided to quit half way. Nice, but the Cathedral doesn’t look like that at all.  Because someone decided to finish it.

It looks more like the picture below. And yes it is still standing, to this day.

The builders kept going until they finished. Actually it took them 200 years to do that, due to many “adventures” they stumbled upon.

Amazing, how things look different when they are finished. The persistence of humans is unbelievable. Some people just don’t quit. They keep building. They keep sailing. The keep tweaking. They do it for a long time. They do it despite of all odds.

You think you have challenges in life? Perhaps… But some people have more challenges than you, and their  focus and persistence is out of this world.

Can you compete with bad ass like Columbus?

Can you compete with the builders of Notre Dame Cathedral?

Half way Gadget

One more pic for you. This is one way an iPad would look like half-finished. Looks OK, but maybe not. It kind of looks like…half a job.

I wonder if someone would buy something like this?

Steve Jobs and his troops decided to finish their job. One of the greatest gadgets in human history was born. It looks more like this:

I use it every day. It’s awesome.

Final word. It’s actually a question to you. Whether it’s your life or business, if you have a tendency not to finish what you have started, can you compete with those who actually finish things? Could you compete with Columbus? With builders of Notre Dame Cathedral? How about with Steve Jobs? I will answer the question for you.

You stand no chance.


You learn the lesson here.


Your world will change…

I guarantee it.

Finish what you have started.

Love you long time:)

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4 Comments on Don’t drop your goal half way

  1. But Derek, there are those that don’t believe:

    The second from the last paragraph identifies an important point. “. . . goal setting sets up an either-or polarity of success. The only true measure can either be 100% attainment or perfection, or 99% or less, which is failure. We can then excessively focus on the missing or incomplete part of our efforts, ignoring the successful parts.” Too often, goals are too rigidly defined and difficult to reach. Reaching the goal needs to include some degree of flexibility.

    I also want to make a point that, IMHO, passion about an endeavor is far more important and rewarding than achieving any goal. On this last trip to Buenos Aires we hooked up with an old friend who is an artist. She lives a modest existence, painting, teaching, meeting with friends, rehabbing her PH, etc. She is passionate about painting and appears to have no visible, fixed expectations or goals about it, other than to do it. It’s an expressive endeavor, not tied to goals. She is, by my standards, financially poor, yet rich in a way that most of the people I know are not. Most are struggling, anxious, and fearful (of failure and/or the lack of attaining). She, instead, is happy as a clam; living in the moment; accepting change as it comes. Of course she has goals. She aims to rehab her PH, to move personal painting studio from the ground floor to the 2nd floor, etc. etc. But she has no clock ticking; only her passion for painting and for enjoying life drives her. Most of us humans, in contrast, are programmed to strive, to achieve, to accomplish, to get more, to have more, to show off the more, and to be disappointed shortly after we have gotten more. We envy what our neighbors have, if they have more. There is something sick about that. As we continue to prove what we can accomplish, we also prove our limits. Which is dispiriting and negative. Interesting loop.

    Lastly, I must to point out that Columbus didn’t achieve anywhere near half his goal. His mission was to reach the East Indies. He managed to only reach “the West.” Of course, his miscalculation fundamentally changed man’s understanding of the planet and the course of history. Even failing has remarkable elements of success.

  2. Hi John,
    Thank you so much for your contribution. One of my blog’s functions, I envision, is to have healthy conversations on the subject of goals vs present moment worship. And you know what, I fully agree with you when you describe your Argentine friend’s passion for life and smaller goals she has. I too, like to be lost in present moment (while dancing for example). And I realize that often not achieving a goal makes a journey thrilling anyway.
    And ticking clocks can be stressful.
    But not having goals is a goal as well. Often an unconscious goal, but it sets a specific direction in your life, don’t you agree? And by making that choice, you create your destiny, straight from the start.
    The truth is, whether you like it or not, everybody has goals. The real question is. What are they?
    PS: I’m happy for your last Buenos Aires adventure:)
    Derek Potocki recently posted..Don’t drop your goal half wayMy Profile

  3. Excellent discourse in the comments! I believe in goal setting and chasing and enjoying the moment. The artist is probably deliberate in her work. Her goal is to put forth quality. She is a teacher. Who wants to learn from someone subpar? Hopefully, she will have the same mindset when success of the financial kind embrace her.
    Rob recently posted..Interview With JC Deen From JCD FitnessMy Profile

    • Hi Rob,
      I just want to notice, that Michaelangelo finished his sculpture of David. He didn’t leave it headless or armless. IMHO he had a very specific goal in mind. The goal was: To finish David. He possibly also had a deadline.
      Thank you for your input.
      Derek Potocki recently posted..How to REALLY enjoy lifeMy Profile

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