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How do I move forward? I mean from point A to point B?

First, we might want to clarify what point B is. Once we know what point B is, we can start moving forward.

Sounds simple, right?

Not so fast.

Deciding where we want to end up is only the first step.

Finding out how to get there is another story.

I will introduce two concepts that I’ve learned recently that might help you to “get there”.

First is from a book called Mastery by George Leonard. One thing I took from the book is that a modern mindset of immediate gratification can be an impediment to achieving mastery (or your goal).

In any long-term endeavour (like getting what you want) we will inevitably go through progresses and plateaus. The author of Mastery suggests, that we should fall in love with plateau if we are to achieve mastery.

He gives an example of his own Aikido practice, where progress would be rare and plateaus long. However going through plateaus and endless practice was essential in learning Aikido (one of the most difficult martial arts to learn). Getting a black belt was a by-product of years of practice consisting of only occasional progress and long periods of plateau.

Loving plateau was one of the keys to mastery.

Second thing you can do in your own quest to a goal is to start implementing the little bets philosophy. There is a book Little Bets that brilliantly explains the value of experimenting. Peter Sims talks about testing ideas in a small way by throwing a prototype in the market place and observing how the market reacts to it. Then adjusting the prototype as we learn more information.

In other words  you make a little bet first by bringing a prototype. Then observe your market’s reaction and adjust your prototype accordingly. That way you learn faster and your thinking has something tangible to work with. In essence you do something first to facilitate your thinking instead of waiting for a perfectly refined idea and committing all the resources (including big money) to blindly bring that idea to the market.

Act to learn before you act to succeed.


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