Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset

Have you heard about Carol Dweck’s book Mindset?

If you want more from life you should read it.

I’m reading it now. It’s about two kinds of approaches people use when confronted with a problem or challenge.

Some people will not try to solve it, because they believe that they have a certain amount of intelligence that can not be changed.

Then other people believe that their intelligence can expand with effort and learning.

The first group has a fixed mindset. The second has a growth mindset.

The difference between these people? The belief in their ability to learn.

The belief in their ability to learn.

This book rocks, because it shows you that you can see and experience the world through a different perspective. Perhaps for the first time in your life you will wake up to a reality of learning about the world.

When that happens, you will never look back to your fixed ways.

Cheers. Till next time.

Simple question: Do you believe you can learn new things?

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