Stop living in mental fog of unfulfilled desires

This post can be also called: The magnificent power of specificity. The power of having clear goals and direction.

Hi. It’s Christmas 2010. But this post is not about Christmas. It is about YOU and what you can do today, to become a more focused human being.

Many people I know are stuck. They don’t know exactly what to do to improve their life. They accept the status quo. They have desires. They want peace, they want love and/or power, they want adventure and/or want to be rich. We are all the same. These things are universal, they are human nature.

But most will never get these things. Notice the world around you. Do you think most people will ever experience love, money, power, adventure etc? No!

Why is that? It is because all these things are abstract terms, and you can’t experience them directly. It is because I can’t achieve love or being rich directly. I can’t achieve power or adventure neither. Even happiness. There is no direct path to happiness.

I can achieve all these things, but only indirectly, by applying the magnificent power of specificity.

So how do I do that?

I start by asking questions like:

Doing what and when, will give me more love?

What do the best lovers do, to feel loved?

What can I do and when, to get more money? How much?

What do the best money makers do, to get money?

How can I create more adventure?

Define adventure. Define love. Define being rich.

Love is when I (finish the sentence by inserting something you will do and when will you do it).

Adventure is when I ( finish the sentence by inserting something you will do and when).

Being rich is when I ( insert something you will do and by when).

Two things happen here. First, you make a switch from other people to yourself. From the entire world around you, to yourself. There is YOU. And the world around you. You and the world. You are part of it, but you are not the same.

That’s what I call becoming visible in the world.

When you start your sentence by I will followed by a doing, your life will change. I promise that one thing to you. Why your life will change? Because YOU will change it. Nobody will do it for you. She will not do it. He will not do it. They will not do it.

People will not tell you what to do (if they will, they will unlikely have your best interest in their mind) Besides they don’t know what truly drives you. People will not make you rich neither. Only you can do it by bringing focus to yourself.

People will not create more adventure in your life. But you can.

You are always the cause. Things just don’t happen to you. You  make them happen. Every single time. So cut through mental fluff and say to yourself:

I will do (this or that) by April 12, 2011.

Forget about the world around you. Forget about the news. Forget about Facebook and the Internet. Your friends and love ones should be supporting you, when you start following your bliss. If they don’t then maybe they are not who you think they are.

I want to finish with my  favorite quote:

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much”. Jim Rohn

Stop living in mental fog of unfulfilled desires and go for every one of them. One by one.

Thank you for stopping by.


PS: Do you agree that the more specific you are, the more power you have? If you liked the post (or disliked it), please share your comments below.

2 Comments on Stop living in mental fog of unfulfilled desires

  1. Life is complicated by variables that are difficult, if not impossible, to control and most things we do are based on decisions that necessarily involve compromise or respond to unexpected twists. Young people (twenty somethings) have the greatest potential to train their attention on specific achieving goals. But as we age, our lives become more complicated. Personal relations, career, family, one’s health, desire, energy, finances . . . all these factors complicate our lives and make decision making a series of compromise. These complications define our lives and continuously cause us to redefine our priorities and our goals (if any). Achieving goals gets more and more difficult. During our twenties we don’t have the clarity in vision (lack of experience), make poor decisions (lack of experience), and/or are overwhelmed by the choices; in our 40’s and 50’s we often recognize what we want or should have done. We have the benefit of having gained some wisdom (knowledge from experience). Unfortunately, it’s no longer simple. We have developed bad habits, we have kids, we have spouses, we have trappings (house, car, etc.), we don’t have the same energy (or belt size), etc. And we simply have less energy. And most important, no matter what we might like to believe, we no longer have that incredible, magical invincibility.
    John Brzezinski recently posted..Buenos Aires- November 2010- a synopsisMy Profile

  2. Hi John,
    Thank you so much for your comment. I would love my blog to be much more interactive and you made it happen.
    I fully understand your position. I know, It gets complicated. I also know that everybody has a different life situation.
    But your situation is not the end. It can be seen as the beginning of something new. We can start again, no matter where we are, and how complicated our life is. We can create new passion, look at new horizons and create a new world.
    Thanks again,
    PS: Houses can be sold or rented, belt sizes can be decreased, and spouses hopefully want you to be happy:)

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