Goal setting: Goal Setting is like going to war

The moment you set goals, you go to war. Who are your enemies?

There are two kinds of enemies:
1.Real enemies
2.Perceived enemies

-The biggest real enemy is… yourself. Only you can decide whether to give up or keep going.
-The other real enemy is a destructive critic (individual or group). Destructive critic is not to be confused with a constructive critic. Destructive critics are to be ignored or fought against (fight only if necessary and as last resort).

Perceived enemies are:
-Constructive critic (individual or group). She is your ally. She provides feedback and valuable lessons.
-Crucial events like: Obstacles, Failures, Distractions, Rejections. They are your potential allies under one condition. They have to be transformed into feedback and valuable lessons.

Act: Respect all your enemies: Real and perceived. Deal with them appropriately.

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