Goal setting: Goals will change you like nothing else…

A goal properly set is halfway reached.~Abraham Lincoln

What goals will do to you:
Setting goals affects outcomes in four ways:
1.Choice: goals narrow attention and direct efforts to goal-relevant activities, and away from perceived undesirable and goal-irrelevant actions.
2. Effort: goals can lead to more effort; for example, if one typically produces 4 widgets an hour, and has the goal of producing 6, one may work more intensely than one would otherwise in order to reach the goal.
3. Persistence: An individual becomes more prone to work through setbacks if pursuing a goal.
4. Cognition: goals can lead an individual to develop cognitive strategies to change their behavior.

Act: Create “My List of BIG GOALS” ASAP. “My List of BIG GOALS ” will unleash your focus up the wazoo. Unleash your focus. Goals=Focus.

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