Goal setting: How do I take my life to the next level?

The answer is simple. First I create my list of 5 EXCITING goals with deadlines. Second I start asking myself these two questions throughout each day (until I achieve my goal):

1.Based on the deadlines what goal should I be working on right now?
2.What are possible goal achieving actions and which one has the biggest impact on achieving my goal faster?

Goal achieving action (GAA) is something you do, that gets you closer to your goal. It takes series of goal achieving actions to achieve your goal. You can shorten the time of goal achievement by identifying goal achieving actions that have the biggest impact on a given goal. The useful way to look at goal achieving actions (GAAs) is to assign the impact number from 1 to 10 where 1 is a low value GAA and 10 is a highest value GAA.

You can achieve your goals faster by performing ONLY the highest value GAAs. Also you have to be aware that there are perceived GAAs and real GAAs. Perceived GAAs are a trap you can fall into, because you might believe that certain action is a GAA, but in reality it is not and it does nothing to bring you closer to your goal. Another trap is to identify a GAA but assign a higher value than it’s real value.

Summing it up: Create a BIG GOAL with deadline. Then start performing series of goal achieving actions (GAAs). Always identify highest value GAAs, preferably GAA10s. Evaluate GAAs for their impact on goal achievement. It is just a matter of relatively short time before your goal is just history.

Act: Set goals. Identify GAAs. Start performing GAAs. GAA10s will take you to your goal faster.

PS: You might want to find and ask those who achieved similar goal to identify GAA10s so you will not make too many mistakes and achieve your goal even faster.
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