Goal setting: How to set goals the right way?

Before you set your goals you have to know why to set goals in the first place. The major reason is to create a direction and focus by switching from aimless lifestyle (AL) to a goal achieving lifestyle (GAL).  
There are many reasons for goal setting , but I will not deal with reasons in this post.
Once you know the reasons you will be ready to set goals.
Setting goals is done by asking Goal Setting Questions (GSQs).
Some questions are better than others.
For example a question: What are my goals? is for many people a hard question to answer. When I ask this question: My mind goes blank. No answers or bad answers.
Try this question instead: Doing what makes me feel most alive? or I feel most alive when I… (fill in the blank).
Also notice that the answer to the; What are my goals? question will often be: I want a new, big house and a mercedes in my garage and so on.
The answers to: Doing what makes me feel most alive? will be powerful and meaningful. You might quickly forget about your house and your mercedes and set goals that will make you fulfilled.

Act: Say to yourself : I feel most alive and excited when I… (fill in your answers). Once you get the answers, stop everything you are doing now and start acting on your answers. If you can’t drastically change your lifestyle then do it incrementally, gradually moving towards doing only what is most fulfilling to you and forgetting your old meaningless routines.

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