Goal setting: Seven myths of goal setting

Myth 1: “Goal setting is not that important
Reality: Success Requires Goals – A meaningful life requires goals and specific plans to achieve them. Success does not happen by accident.
“Success is goals, everything else is commentary.”~ Mark Twain
“Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive.” ~ Bill Copeland
“Goal setting is the core of existence that defines life.” – Joanne Bonomi
Myth 2: Success is a journey not a destination.
Reality: The most thrilling journey happens on the way to a thrilling goal. The most exciting journey is impossible without an exciting goal. Goal is the cause, journey is the result.
Myth 3: If you want to make God lough, set some goals. Or a variation on this theme: Life is too unpredictable to set goals.
Reality: The most successful people set goals against all odds. They know that is is their only viable shot at getting from point A to point B. The unpredictability of life only validates the point that we need focus to overcome the obstacles.
Myth 4: Goal setting and goal achieving is too time consuming, I could be enjoying myself instead.
Reality: Aimless life is just as time consuming plus you are not getting anywhere. Your goal achieving journey beats the aimless journey 1000 times over. Your enjoyment of life is turbocharged.
Myth 5: Live in the moment. By having goals you will loose sight of your moment, the only thing that is real.
Reality: You can’t stop living for the moment whether you have goals or not. Having goals is one of the best ways to take care of your present and your future all at the same time.
Myth 6: I don’t have time for setting and achieving goals.
Reality: Aimless life takes all our time and effort and  it is very hard to stop doing the familiar and routine tasks and think hard about your goals. But you will pay the ultimate price if you don’t stop and regroup. You will never know what you are capable of and what else is out there.
Myth 7: “Goals don’t have to be written
Reality: Written goals clarify thinking, objectify their potential, and reinforce commitment. The palest ink is better than the strongest memory. Goals once out of site, soon become goals out of mind!
Act: Jump in the game of goal setting. Better life awaits you.

2 Comments on Goal setting: Seven myths of goal setting

  1. I *like* this. And I am really enjoying your site – particularly the new and fresh way you’re making yourself accountable, with the timers…

    I look forward to seeing you accomplish your goals…

    And point 7? Absolutely, FULLY agree with you. I write down every goal I have. “The palest ink is better than the strongest memory” – so true.


    • Hi Eleanor,
      Thank you for your comment. I see a lot of blogs that talk about ultimate lifestyle but I don’t know if people walk their talk. The strongest feature of my blog are those clocks and very specific goals. They put me under pressure, but I like it, and it works like a charm.
      I’m looking forward to reading more from your http://www.findahappy.com :)

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