Goal setting: Update on my goals (you see them on the left).

Apartment buildings lining the south side of E...                                           Image via WikipediaYesterday I updated My List Of BIG GOALS (You see it on the left side, right under my pic).
1. I eliminated a goal of owning a duplex due to finding a better opportunity for investment.
2. I shortened the deadline for apartment complex acquisition to one year instead of 3 years.
3. I have adjusted dates for my ongoing goals like jogging 3/wk and having charm.
For the last 2 weeks I only jogged 2/wk. I have to focus harder on 3/wk. I have been getting 4-15 visitors a day on my blog, but I have one more month to go to get to 20 visitors/day. I continue writing my ebook about focus and BIG GOALS.
Wish me luck and drop some comments here or on Facebook.
Greetings to everybody. Have The List-Stay focused;) Goalsblogger.

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