Goals I Have Achieved & Spectacular Failures

My life is divided into two parts:
  1. After Summer 2010 (Goal Achieving Lifestyle where I have applied a consistent focus and specific goals).
  2. Before summer 2010 ( When I lived Aimless Lifestyle, where I didn’t fully understand the power of focus).

Recently achieved goals and some failures:

Goals I have achieved in my highly focused Goal Achieving Lifestyle stage:

  • Jogging 3/wk: off and on, hard to stick to it consistently
  • My  “Start Late, Achieve Your Goals Anyway” ebook is finished and put on my blog as a free download: 1/7/11.
  • I lived for 2 months in Buenos Aires and took my Argentine tango to a higher level. Goal achieved on 1/20/2011.
  • I saved $( )000/month for the 6 straight months from february to june 2011, as I promised myself. Goal achieved on 6/30/2011, YEAH!
  • Lived on the tropical beach in Bohol, Philippines (november 2011)
  • I lived on a sailing yacht in New Zealand (december 2011) and did some minor ocean sailing. I failed at Pacific crossing due to too much risk involved on this particular trip IMO. While sailing, I’ve experienced a gail (form of storm) and don’t recommend it to anybody.
  • In 2012 I failed to generate $5000/month in passive income. I achieved $1350/month in passive income by Feb 2013, two months after deadline.
  • In 2012 I failed to jog consistently. I’m thinking about revising the goal or trying again. We’ll see on this one.
  • In 2012 I failed to live the whole year without a job. But at least I lived by entrepreneurial efforts for half a year:)

Older, accidental goals:

Accidental goals achieved in my drifting phase of life, where I didn’t understand the power of Goal Setting and didn’t have specific, time-oriented goals :

  • 6 months long back-packing trough South-East Asia in 2001 to explore East mind-set.
  • 1 month long trip to Amazon rainforest in 2004 to explore the most exciting ecosystem on the planet.
  • 1 month trip to London to learn English in my college years ( My english was at infancy stage at that time).
  • Leaving Poland for USA in 1994 to work and learn everything I can about living a successful life.
  • Passing my physical therapy license to practice PT in US (in english of course:).
  • Acquiring several income-producing properties: from 2006-2009
  • In summer 2010 I started  www.goalsblogger.com to say goodbye to Aimless Lifestyle and begin a new, highly focused chapter of my life and I can tell you it rocks.

I would love to get your encouragement  in comments below. It helps so much to know that somebody out there is cheering me on. Thanks.

Derek Potocki

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