Habits don’t last. But something else does.

Have you heard about the famous book called Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People? Nice title, right?

The book talks about developing some useful habits. It’s a great book.

Then you have Tony Robbins who talks about rituals (aka habits) and how important it is to do things, well…habitually.

Well, well, well.

I have a question to you. Do habits last?

They often don’t. And here is a problem. You can develop all the habits you want. They say it takes 30 days of repeated activity to develop a new habit. Perhaps it does.

We might go strong for a few weeks, months or even years and… BANG! We’re back where we started or worse.

Because  habits don’t guarantee anything.

For example, some time ago I’ve developed a habit of jogging three times a week. Great. I have been pretty diligent about it too. But sometimes I have days that I skip my sessions. Sometimes it is a big struggle to get back and do my 30 min workout. Sometimes I might do only 1 or 2/wk. And I don’t even have a job, so I have plenty of time.

In fact sometimes I have to make myself to go jogging. It is a BIG struggle. In fact I don’t believe I have a habit. What I have is focus and relentless fight for what’s important.

Another thing, through a constant repetition and a focused thinking I’ve developed a habit of being happy. Does that mean that I am always happy? No way. I have my weak moments. There goes my habit.

Habits don’t work too well.

But there is something that always works. It is fighting. It is always going back to our journey, to our dreams. No matter how many detours we take, we can always adjust our thinking and get back. Even when what we did for a while was a total contradiction of our “habits”.

Life ain’t bowl of cherries. Our habits sometimes betray us. So be it.

But our memory of what’s important, memory of who we truly are and  our ability to get back in the game is what we will always have.

Remember to get back. Habits don’t define you. It’s your ability to remember what’s important to you and your ability to get up and start again.


Q: Do habits last? Comment below.


7 Comments on Habits don’t last. But something else does.

    • Hi David,
      Fleeting is a good word. But if we want to build a house, we can’t change our mind when the only thing left to finish is a roof. We have to build the damn house to the end. So desires can be tricky, and definitely should be controlled somehow. I know It’s easy to say. Nevertheless, thanks for stopping by. Keep rocking.
      Derek recently posted..Experiment moreMy Profile

    • Hi Shamelle,
      Thank you for your comment. Habits can provide a powerful force, however we can not rely on our habits. There is more to the game of life than just habits. Habits often change. We must rely on something bigger than habits. What is it? I think it’s our desires, the fire within, the element within our very core that says, “I will go for it”. That element doesn’t change like habits. That element is…your spirit.
      Derek recently posted..The only, true way to wealthMy Profile

  1. I think that there are more types of habits. Some of them don’t last, I’ve got the same experiences in training. But – unfortunately – some really bad habits could last for a lifetime. For example the worst ones, which are addictive and are already necessary parts of some people’s life: smoking, gambling, drugs etc. I think that building useful and good habits could be a really nice thing to live our days more comfortable and productive/active.
    Sindi recently posted..Die Fortsetzung meiner StudienMy Profile

  2. I think we had to separate the good habits and the bad ones. Habits could be learned and that’s why they could be left as well. We have to learn to keep the good ones, and say farewell to the bad ones. Actually, my husband has quit smoking for a couple of months, and now he doesn’t think about those crappy cigarettes so much.
    Adina recently posted..Eines Tages befand ich mich im Wechselalter…My Profile

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