How am I doing with my current goals?

This post is an update on my goals that you see on the left hand side of my blog.

1. The ebook goal: I am still working on my ebook so I am moving the deadline from 9/30/10 to 12/31/10. Three more months should be sufficient to finish my ebook and post it on my blog as a free download.

2. 20 visitors/day on my blog has not been achieved yet. Occasionally I have had 15 visitors but most of the time around 5-10. I am still learning SEO and other stuff so 5-10 visitors is a good start. I am moving the deadline for this goal from 9/30/10 to 12/31/10.

3. Jogging goal: Have not done 3/wk recently, but 1/wk on weekends. I will continue working on 3/wk until I get it right and consistent. I will not set deadline here, since this is an ongoing goal.

4. I dance like Sebastian goal: Work in progress.

5. Apartment building goal: Work in progress.

6. Charm goal: I’m going to drop this goal from the list. I want to keep only 5 goals at a time.

What have I learned so far about goals? They work. Focus works. Even if you don’t get it right all the time you are still ahead of the game if compared to not having goals. I am tempted to establish a rule: 3 deadline strikes and you are out, to motivate me to achieve a goal within 3 deadlines max. If the deadline is about to be moved the fourth time, I will give up on a goal and replace it with another.

Greetings to everybody. Live with focus. 5 Goals, 5 Deadlines, 5 Adventures.

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