How can I achieve my goals faster?

Answer: Today a very specific tip. Total computer makeover. If you are reading this you have a computer or another kind of Internet device. This is a radical idea so it’s not for everybody (this blog is not for everybody-only for those who want to change their life fast). OK, start using your computer (iPhone, iPad etc) as a goal achieving device.
1. First thing you see when your computer starts, should be the list of your goals. So put your goals on your desktop. It’s easy, find on the Internet how to customize your desktop.
2. Your web browser home page should display your list of goals, there are many ways to go about. Find from the Internet how to personalize your home page.
3. Your toolbar should have folders with your goals and nothing else.
4. All your bookmarks should be goals related.
Remember, we are creating goals achieving environment and making sure that all distractions are eliminated. It’s extreme. But if you want to achieve your goals extremely fast then do it.
Act: Transform your computer into goals achieving machine. Stop clicking on irrelevant stuff. Have your goals in front of your eyes at all times. You will be amazed with how your focus will change. Good choices. Achieve your goals faster than ever with (this will be my new domain, coming soon)

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