How to achieve your goals faster-Part 2

Would you like to achieve your goals faster?  Set shorter deadlines (timeframes).

According to Parkinson’s Law when you set shorter deadlines you will use your time more effectively. If you look to the right, I have my current goals listed with specific deadlines as well as countdown clocks. Again, I use deadlines and countdown clocks in my system to create Sense of Urgency (SOU).

Setting deadlines to your goals can be done in two ways. First: Find someone, who achieved the same or similar goal and find out how long it took her/him to achieve that goal. Or, guess or improvise and set some date in the future that, you believe, gives you an appropriate amount of time to achieve that goal.

Also make sure that your deadlines are not too generous. Giving too much time for achievement of a goal can cause a tremendous waste of time, your mind and your resources. You don’t want to drag your goals to eternity. Shorter deadlines create better focus and more intelligent action. Have fun and live on your own terms.


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