How to achieve your goals faster-Part 1

One of the most important aspects of goal setting/goal achieving process is attaching a time frame to your goal. You can increase the speed of your Journey by setting a deadline to your goal. Once an exciting goal is created by YOU, you have to create a deadline or a timeframe that is attached to that goal.

What does a deadline do?
Deadline creates Sense of Urgency (SOU).
Sense of Urgency is absolute necessity. Without Sense of Urgency, goal setting/goal achieving process becomes a joke.
Not only your mind is not utilized in the most effective and the most intelligent way, but when you don’t assign a deadline to your goal, you set yourself for failure right from the start.

Setting a deadline to a goal is like breathing life into a dead carcass. A goal without a deadline is a dead carcass.
Dead-line. A word deadline consists of two words: dead and line. Your goal is dead until a line is inserted and your goal starts breathing. Now you can think of your goal as being dead as long as a lifeline is cut off your goal. Any goal can be made alive by attaching a lifeline. Your goal will become alive once it gets a deadline. Your goal will start breathing.

The same happens to your mind. Your mind does not work properly until a line is inserted into your goal. Your mind becomes alive at the moment a deadline is assigned to your goal.
Someone once said: Goals are dreams with deadlines. It is a true statement. There is no life without water. There is no goal without deadline.

Attach deadlines to your goals and watch what happens.

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