How to be happy like James Bond;)

Living in limbo annoys the crap out of me. Not my style. This world is too beautiful and complex to just stay locked up in some god forgotten monastery in zen position. But again if that’s what makes you happy, go for it. People are complex, they like different stuff.

In the video above I’m talking about an important concept. It is the concept of balance. Balance between having goals (being future oriented) and enjoying present moment (awareness and enjoyment of now).

Wikipedia: “Philosophers and religious thinkers often define happiness in terms of living a good life, or flourishing, rather than simply as an emotion.”

I kind of like an indirect approach to happiness. Being happy as a result of being on the path of achievement vs feeling happy due to just being. Just being without something to look forward to doesn’t work for me.

I had tried.

Since I started blogging about Goal Oriented Lifestyle, I have people constantly tell me that they are more into NOW, more into present moment happiness. Goals are often scary creatures to be avoided. Actually many people think I’m a bit crazy living with strict adherence to my goals.

And I understand their attitude. I used to be like that too, so I know exactly how they think. The problem with no-specific goals attitude is this:

Without goals my life sucks big time, it’s hard as hell and I have tendency to engage in self-destructive behaviors. My love of life is low, and I have little motivation to get up from bed. In one word, there is no meaning.

Having goals changes the game. Life becomes like James Bond movie. I feel like I breathe deeper, and I live without regrets doing things I love, and I’m ready to die at any time, because I don’t waste a single frickin’ moment.

So here is the message to all the present moment apostles:


And I wish you the same. I wish to meet you one day on a sunny day like this and play a match of beach volleyball, or have a glass of wine, so we can watch people passing by, read poetry and… talk about our grand plans for the future.

Kick ass, and never apologize for your lifestyle,

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  1. Hey Derek, I’m out of breath just watching you jog :P

    I like the near last line of the post – Kick ass, and never apologize for your lifestyle. People ask me all the time why my family and I chose to move to different places and live in say, Thailand, for a year or more. We love to travel and we can do it, so why not? As for goals I have many, but the overarching ones of providing for my family and helping my daughter to have as many opportunities as possible, and then taking advantage of those opportunities, are what propel me forward each and everyday. And along the way there are a metric ton of smaller goals and small wins each day that keep me positive.
    Robert Dempsey recently posted..The War On Affiliate Marketing Is On – Be ReadyMy Profile

  2. Thanks Robert,
    If you get winded watching me jog you’d be hyperventilating watching me do that squeeze page yesterday (you know what I’m talking about:)
    I love, that your family and your daughter inspire your business. And Thailand is one my favorite countries. I did an extensive backpacking trip in South East Asia few years back. They really nail that present moment happiness there:) (Did a Vipassana meditation in Chom Tong, north of Chiang Mai )
    Btw: I think, that your new Membership site rocks!
    Derek Potocki recently posted..12 timeless ways to deal with failureMy Profile

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