How To Be Unstoppable?

Once you set your goals, you will begin your journey to achieve them. Do you remember when you were a child you read countless books about a hero traveling through foreign lands full of villains, dragons, swamps etc.

Or you played or still play computer games (like World of Warcraft), where you move through unfamiliar virtual land, full of enemies, to fulfill your mission.

In one aspect Goal setting/Goal achieving process is very similar to those childhood stories or computer games. Because any time you have a mission, there will always be obstacles on your way. That’s just a nature of goal setting/goal achieving process. Obstacles are an integral part of the process.

So stop hating the obstacles. They WILL happen. Don’t expect them, but be ready for them. They are necessary part of the process.

The challenge is to know how to deal with obstacles and be ready for them when they come.

One way to deal with an  obstacle is to quickly transform them into a lesson and feedback.

What you do is take an obstacle that’s on your way and ask yourself: What’s a lesson here? What can I learn here? What can I do differently?

What you do here is basically transforming your “enemy” into your friend. You use an obstacle to succeed. That’s how you become unstoppable.

And you get to your goal no matter what;)

What is your way to deal with obstacles? How do you deal with obstacles? Please provide your comments below, so we can learn from one another.

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