How to get excited about your past

You should get really, really excited about this post.

I’m about to tell you how you can use your past.

When you read stuff about your past, your past doesn’t usually get a lot of credit from personal development gurus. It’s always about the present and the future.

But our past, should get all the credit it deserves. And it all, of course, depends on our outlook.

For example in this post, we will look at our past as a diving board.

Our past as a diving board

We can look at our past as if it were a diving board. A diving board is used to jump higher while diving. We use the spring action of the diving board to propel us higher in our attempt to execute a perfect, dolphin-like flip to the pool.

Without a diving board it would be more difficult to execute a perfect back-flip.

The same with our past, we can use all the lessons, all the events, all the experiences to create our present and our future.

How? Simple, we already know what doesn’t work, what works in a so-so manner, what works like a charm.

Our past is here to serve us

It is our teacher. Let’s not easily discard our past. Our past has a tremendous value.

And if it’s valuable, it should be respected.

I know that some of us have a past they want to forget about.

However, our past can always be used constructively. If we analyze it, learn from it and use it to create our incredible present and future.

Are you ready to perform the best back-flip of your life? Use a diving board.

How do you view your past? Do you use it constructively or destructively?

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