How to make money with a laptop

There is only one way to make money with your laptop. Selling stuff. There are only two things you can sell with your laptop:

  1. Services
  2. Products

I will discard services right away, because it is not an efficient way to make money. It is the way to modern day slavery. Too much work for very little money. The best way to make money online is by selling products and/or advertisements.

So, what kind of products you can sell?

  1. Other people’s products aka affiliate selling
  2. Your own products
  3. Advertisements

This is how you start making money online. Create a website. Put some ads on it. Put some links to other people’s products that you know and like that pay you a comission. Create and sell your own products.

What kind of products? The best products to sell online are DIGITAL PRODUCTS. Your goal is to start selling digital products. Why digital products? Because they are scalable (easy to duplicate) and you don’t need a warehouse to store stuff. Everything happens online. All you need is a laptop. The key is to create a system that does the selling for you. A good, selling website is the main block of that system.

To have a website, you need a host. A host is a company that keeps your website online. The goalsblogger is hosted on Bluehost, which is an inexpensive and reliable way to host your website or blog. I’m promoting Bluehost right now, so if you click on my link to Bluehost and buy their service I will earn a commission from that sale.

Btw, I didn’t code this website. I use a professional WordPress theme MH Magazine that I’m in love with.

I don’t only send people to other websites to make commissions. I also have my own product, that I sell from my website. I work out and eat healthy so I created an ebook that shows you how to get six-pack abs. If you go to my site, you can buy it and learn how to get six-pack abs in 12 weeks.

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