How to move toward your goal with lightning speed?

So you have worked up the sweat and have come up with a nice list of 10 BIG GOALS.You have even set deadlines. Impressive. What do you do next? Start achieving. But how? Good question. But the answer is simple. Start performing goal achieving (or goal related actions). What are goal achieving actions? Any action you take that brings you closer to your goal is a goal achieving action. Start with questions:
1.What goal am I achieving right now?
2.What goal achieving action should I be taking now?
3.Of all the goal achieving actions I could be taking which one will take me faster to my goal?
4.What is the sequence here, what is the timing of my goal achieving actions: now?, later?, even later?, when?
5.Who can help me with my goal achieving actions?
6.How can I find an expert to show me what goal achieving actions will take me to my goal faster and in style?
Act: I want you to notice that this kind of thinking does not exist in the world of aimless, low and desperate life that happens every time when people fail to set BIG GOALS. Good choices:

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