How to plug into the flow of life?

From my observation, some people get lost in time… doing things they find fascinating.
These individuals are different from majority of people, because they passionately focus on some aspect of reality, that they find super interesting or fascinating. Most of the time they are not focused on many but just one or very few aspects of life. They enjoy doing certain things. They would be doing these things rather than anything else.
If you want to plug into the flow of life, you have to find out what it is that you are passionate about.
Answer these questions:
Doing what, makes me most alive and driven?
I get lost in time when I do this:……….
How can I spend more and more time doing things I’m passionate about?
Why do things that I don’t care about?
Why sell my life to someone else’s idea of how things should be?
How can I start doing things that I find exciting vs boring?
How can I find my flow (doing things that are important and exciting to me)?
I believe that this is how great life begins. With answering these questions.
Greetings, wish you best of everything:)

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