How to really achieve goals in your life?

This is an incredible video of the true master Anthony Robbins. He tells us that in order to get extraordinary things done, we have to get ourselves into an extraordinary state of mind. We have to create  FOCUS.

But the real question is: What do we focus on?

The answer is: On our exciting goals.

And the best way to create that focus is through the use of GREAT QUESTIONS. Not lousy questions but GREAT QUESTIONS.

I have been trying to undarstand what it is, that separates greatness from mediocrity in life.

Two words:

Number one : GOALS

Number two: GREAT QUESTIONS to direct your focus toward YOUR goals.

Action: Have goals. Ask great questions. Your success is guaranteed.

A question to my readers: How do you stay focused on your goals (if you have them)?  Please click on Comments below to share your experience:) I would love to see your feedback. Thank you.


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